Numismatists Of Wisconsin

NOW 60th Anniversary Show Report

Oshkosh – February 16th

Wisconsin Coin Expos 37th annual show, with our NOW 60 Year Celebration was a smashing success. The doors busted open promptly and 9am (some patrons shuffled in earlier), by 10:30 the bourse was like a rush-hour traffic jam. Dealers and collectors came together on this nice winter day and had a great time buying and selling. This show always boasts a good crowd to kick off the new coin show season. Don’t miss the Oshkosh show next year, February 21, 2021.

In the NOW booth, many of your board members were busy passing out NOW NEWS magazines, commemorative wooden nickels, and sage advice – they also recruited some new members! Also, our 60th Anniversary cake was unveiled and served to anyone who wanted a piece, which was everyone. A good time was had by all.

Busy bourse in Oshkosh

The NOW 60th Anniversary cake was delicious!

Busy bourse in Oshkosh