Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Hello, my diamonds.

Wow, what a time it has been. We have a stacked newsletter for you this quarter, shows are popping up on the calendar like growing grass after a long period of rain and the pain and strain of winter have finally given way to warm nights spent with family and friends and times where we will dodge dandelions and distant thunder.

Enjoy and in this issue, there will be a piece from Tom Casper on numismatic relics, some reports of how different club’s shows have gone, Jerry Binsfeld on ration tokens, and the announcement of a dinner event for folks at an upcoming show. There were also some recent website update issues and for this, I apologize.

As always, be well and collect nicely!

Evan J. Pretzer
May 25, 2024

The image on the cover is a Canadian commemorative bullion coin released as a part of my former country of residence’s $20 for $20 coin series which saw quarter-ounce 99.99% coins offered for face value. It is intended to be a commentary on the Canadian experience of cottages and camping after the long and brutal winters and via its perspective, brings the viewer into the scene. By watching the young person go off of the dock and into the water from behind, it appears as if we are with him in the same space and special place and wondering if our turn will be next. Today this piece can be purchased by collectors online for around $25. Only 200,000 were produced and it was designed by John Mantha. On the reverse, Susana Blunt’s familiar monarch portrait is still in place.

Welcome to the Numismatists of Wisconsin!


N.O.W. was established in 1960 by a small group of Wisconsin collectors including facilitator Chet Krause. Their objective was simple; to encourage and promote interest in numismatics, to cultivate friendly relations between Wisconsin collectors and local coin clubs, and to educate and assist new hobbyists.

It was decided to formally organize N.O.W. that summer at an open house in Iola at the offices of Krause Publications. On July 8th, 1960 a large crowd attended, nominations of officers were set forth and elections were made. By day’s end, N.O.W. had been formally established and the membership roll had reached nearly 100. As Chet put it, “From that day on, collectors of the state had one more element of common ground to talk about, for the idea of a state organization had come to reality.”

And, as they say, the rest is history... N.O.W. has not changed its objectives and is still going strong some 60+ years later.


The N.O.W. board of governors meets three times yearly to discuss organizational issues for the betterment of the club. These meetings are held at predetermined sites throughout the year, usually in conjunction with one of the many state local coin shows. One of these shows is designated as the annual N.O.W. show, which is co-sponsored by a host club and N.O.W. The yearly general membership meeting is held at this show.


What started out as the organization’s excellent newsletter, has become an award-winning quarterly club journal/magazine. Recognized by the American Numismatic Association as an Outstanding Club Publication, NOW NEWS aims to continue the long-established tradition of publishing original articles written by N.O.W. members, as well as interesting items from outside sources around the world of numismatics.


Our website is designed so visitors can get a feel for the organization. Here you can see some photos, learn about local shows, read a select few of our award-winning articles, and of course, join N.O.W.

So, after checking out this site, I urge you to join our state club, get involved, and start enjoying all the perks of membership asap!