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By the time this issue arrives in the hands of readers, the following products will just be released or coming up on the facility’s schedule for the next few months of the current year.

June 17, 2024: American Women Quarters 2024 Rolls and Bags – Dr. Mary Edwards Walker – Product will be available in 100-coin bags, two-roll sets, or three-roll sets. It honors America’s only female Medal of Honor winner to date who received it for her work as a physician during the Civil War and later was a dress reform activist.

> See on the U.S. Mint website.

July 11, 2024: Morgan Dollar 2024 Uncirculated Coin – The product will begin being sold at noon EST and is available as the Philadelphia unlabeled mintmark. This latest release in the new annual series has a household order limit of three and costs $76 for one to purchase.

> See on the U.S. Mint website.

July 18, 2024: American Innovation Dollar 2024 Rolls and Bags – Missouri – The product will be available in 25-coin rolls or 100-coin bags and honors George Washington Carver who was previously recognized with one of America’s classic commemorative half dollars. There is a household order limit of 10 items for this dollar release.

> See on the U.S. Mint website.