Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Season’s Greetings fellow NOW members!

‘Tis the season to enjoy numismatics! Oh, you may be distracted with other things this time of year, like holiday parties, decorating, baking cookies, exchanging gifts, celebrating any number of religious rituals, and tolerating in-laws. But let that not detour you from the ultimate goal of gifting yourself a new numismatic treasure! And, in the spirit of giving, why not give someone you love (or like) the ultimate numismatic gift – a membership to NOW! For just $10 you can give them year-round pleasure, much better than a gift card to that over-priced coffee shop, or that tasteless sub shop, or a cardboard pizza pie. DO IT TODAY! Send in a gift membership for a friend, along with YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES (it’s that time again). Please don’t delay, and make sure you send in your votes for your favorite NOW NEWS articles – your ballot and remittance envelope are enclosed.

When you vote, dare I say, you will have a hard time choosing from all the excellent articles turned in this past year by your fellow members. This issue is no exception. Starting off with Mark Benvenuto’s take on Half Dimes and the wonderful coins in the recent Pogue collection auctions. Next Fred Borgmann tells us about Milwaukee’s Natatorium. What’s a natatorium you ask? Read on to find out. Jerry Binsfeld continues his fascinating look at coin values over the last 35 years, this time it’s Key Dates. Then I tell you about a counterfeit half dollar that I know and love. All the usual features are there as well, including: NOW News and Notes (Exciting news about the recent digitization of our entire 53 year run of NOW NEWS!!), Club News, BOOKS!, Show Calendar, and ANA News (The Numismatist enters the digital age).

A CALL FOR ARTICLES. You will take note that on your voting ballot for the writing awards, 2015 saw 10 different authors submitting quality articles! That is fantastic! We get the privilege of learning from our fellow members about diverse numismatic subjects. Note also that there are short, one page articles, as well as long eight-to-ten page articles. All are happily accepted! Also, the articles written often have no Wisconsin connection – that is cool with us! There is no requirement that insists a WI connection. Ideally, I would love to be able to publish 5 original articles every issue, submitted by 5 different authors! That would be 20 articles a year by 20 different authors! LET’S DO IT! Won’t you please be the next new NOW NEWS contributor? Share your experience and knowledge with the rest of the club. You know the email address. Don’t be shy, we are happy to help in any way, illustrations, formatting, whatever. You can even send hard copy through snail mail: PO Box 3572, Oshkosh, WI, 54903. THANK YOU!

Now it is time for your editor to go sample the batch of gingerbread men that just marched out of the oven under the watchful eyes of my sweet girls.

Peace and Happiness to all of you!

-- Jeff Reichenberger