Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Ahh, Spring! When a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love…and a middle aged man’s fancy turns to thoughts of coins! Apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson, but had he lived in our time, he would have known that spring is coin show season in Wisconsin, and baseball season, and much more pleasant weather season. Sure, there’s time for love, it just gets moved to the third or fourth priority. Well, perhaps young men and women will fancy love first, that’s OK, as long as they come back to coins after their ‘goings on.’

Speaking of baseball, I threw a curve ball with this issue. You may have noticed a slight change in our ‘usual’ format. Our Table of Contents occupies the first page and our Show Calendar occupies the last page. Usually these items are reserved for the inside front and inside back covers of NOW NEWS. But we were lucky enough to obtain a beautiful Brown Back Wisconsin National Note to grace our cover and inside cover, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to print both sides – in color!

More about The Cover: Adding to the significance of this 2015 spring issue cover, is the pedigree of this particular note. It comes from the collection of N.O.W. Member Number 1! None other than Chester L. Krause. It is a First Issue Series 1882, Brown Seal, Brown Back from the Oshkosh Commercial National Bank, Charter #5557. The obverse depicts a vignette of President James Garfield, who was assassinated just seven months after he was elected the 20th President of the United States in 1881. The reverse shows the Charter numbers and surrounding ornaments in green, with the remainder printed in brown, vignettes of the Wisconsin State seal left and eagle right. Just a beautiful note submitted for photographing by its current caretaker, Randy Miller of Chief Coin and Supply.

We have another terrific issue of NOW NEWS for you, while you’re in-between coin shows, ball games, and love, there are plenty of new articles for you to read, written by your fellow NOW members. Fred Borgmann starts us off with ‘Milwaukee Vigilante Badge’, followed by a timely springtime reminder, ‘Only You Can Prevent Wild Fires’, Dreux Watermolen’s tribute to “America’s Longest Running Ad Campaign”. Next Mark Benvenuto keeps it simple with ‘Silver Eagles’, and to compliment these three regular contributors, first time author Roger Lalich reminds us of the wonderful resource we all have right under our noses, ‘The Wisconsin Historical Society’. We also have a profile of Racine Hobo Nickel carver, Joe Paonessa. Of course you won’t forget our regular features; NOW NEWS and NOTES (some IMPORTANT information concerning NOW Bylaws), Clubs, ANA and US Mint news, Books, and the jam packed Show Calendar.

Yes, spring is in the air! Here’s hoping your fancy is filled with numismatic treasures. (Save a little room for baseball and love...)

-- Jeff Reichenberger

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