Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Hello everyone,

Wow, what a wild little while it has been since I last put words down digitally for all of you to read. I started a new job I find to be the single best thing I have ever done for money in my life to date, the United States is entering its annual silly season in what stands to be the longest presidential campaign ever (I am already sitting under my desk, crying and having a drink regularly) and I managed to complete the majority of my goals I have had when it comes to U.S. coin collecting.

While I am not certain about what to do next and will possibly have something to say about this later, I can say this issue is packed full of some fun and filling content. Up first is an advocacy article from Brian M. Bell and from there, some information about 20-cent pieces, and then an item on Capped Bust Half Dollars.

Have fun, enjoy the warmer weather, don’t forget to pay your N.O.W. dues, vote for the best writing that was featured here in 2023, and always enjoy collecting!

Evan J. Pretzer
Feb. 15, 2024

The medal on the cover is from Israel’s “Butterflies of Israel” medal set issued through 2019. The designs (which also feature the painted lady species in addition to the copper and others) came about due to the nation’s intersection between three zoological regions and the insects coming to be seen as symbols of beauty and liberty over time. Their colors and movements have long been a source of artist inspiration. There are eight designs in total in the entire series, all are pure silver, half-ounce pieces, and each is numbered at just 3,600 available in total. Certainly, a worthwhile addition to anyone’s collection of colorized pieces, pieces with insects on them, or items from the Middle East. Seeing these certainly makes one wonder why the U.S. Mint does not experiment more with similar releases + wonder what they’d even do.

Welcome to the Numismatists of Wisconsin!


N.O.W. was established in 1960 by a small group of Wisconsin collectors including facilitator Chet Krause. Their objective was simple; to encourage and promote interest in numismatics, to cultivate friendly relations between Wisconsin collectors and local coin clubs, and to educate and assist new hobbyists.

It was decided to formally organize N.O.W. that summer at an open house in Iola at the offices of Krause Publications. On July 8th, 1960 a large crowd attended, nominations of officers were set forth and elections were made. By day’s end, N.O.W. had been formally established and the membership roll had reached nearly 100. As Chet put it, “From that day on, collectors of the state had one more element of common ground to talk about, for the idea of a state organization had come to reality.”

And, as they say, the rest is history... N.O.W. has not changed its objectives and is still going strong some 60+ years later.


The N.O.W. board of governors meets three times yearly to discuss organizational issues for the betterment of the club. These meetings are held at predetermined sites throughout the year, usually in conjunction with one of the many state local coin shows. One of these shows is designated as the annual N.O.W. show, which is co-sponsored by a host club and N.O.W. The yearly general membership meeting is held at this show.


What started out as the organization’s excellent newsletter, has become an award-winning quarterly club journal/magazine. Recognized by the American Numismatic Association as an Outstanding Club Publication, NOW NEWS aims to continue the long-established tradition of publishing original articles written by N.O.W. members, as well as interesting items from outside sources around the world of numismatics.


Our website is designed so visitors can get a feel for the organization. Here you can see some photos, learn about local shows, read a select few of our award-winning articles, and of course, join N.O.W.

So, after checking out this site, I urge you to join our state club, get involved, and start enjoying all the perks of membership asap!