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From the Editor

Hello Friends! Happy summer! The sun is high in the sky, the birds have left, the mosquitos are biting, the weeds keep growing, the flowers are wilting, the heat is unbearable, the humidity is stifling, and the sunburn is excruciating. Can’t wait for fall!! …said the pessimist.

Hello Friends! Happy summer! The sun is high in the sky, the birds are singing, the fish are biting, the leaves whisper in the cool breeze, the days are long, and the landscape is beautiful. Wish summer would last forever!! …said the optimist.

Do you lean toward the sunburn of pessimism, or are you sitting in the cool breeze of optimism? Whichever direction you follow this summer, you will have a whopping issue of NOW NEWS as a companion, whether you commiserate or celebrate.

Starting with Now News and Notes, we cover the events of our recent annual NOW show in picturesque Iola, WI. This big issue continues and contains five, yes five original articles written by your fellow members. Leon Saryan tells us about a dark time in Armenian history through a new coin issue. Dreux Watermolen and Eddie Eagle remind us of the importance of gun safety. First time contributor Don Kocken shares some very interesting Alaskan history. Jerry Binsfeld begins a series of census articles where he explores prices and trends over the past 35 years, and Mark Benvenuto explores the Capped Bust type set. Add to that our regular features, ANA News, US Mint news, BOOKS!, Club News, Show Calendar and more, and you have one hot issue of NOW NEWS for your summer reading pleasure.

A few words about the NOW show on May 15-16. I want to express my gratitude to all of you who stopped by the NOW booth to chat. I had the opportunity to recruit a half dozen new members in the process. What a pleasure it was to visit with old numismatic friends - and make new ones. Our booth was combined with show co-hosts, the Wisconsin Valley Coin Club and also with the ANA booth, ever presently occupied by ANA recruiters extraordinaire, John and Nancy Wilson. I also had the privilege to talk to the one and only Chet Krause. We enjoyed a discussion about publishing and printing, then and now.

The mystery dinner was outstanding, as you will read further in this issue, and capped off Friday’s show activities with a special evening. Saturday was busy with bourse activity and NOW meetings and educational talks. I had one more stop to make before I left Iola. There was a prime parking spot in front of the Crystal Café that my car fit into nicely, and a freshly baked Door County Cherry Pie with my name on it just behind the counter. “Box it up”, I said to the gentleman waiter, “and do you happen to have a to-go fork?”

Enjoy summer!

-- Jeff Reichenberger

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