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From the Editor

From The Editor, Fall 2014 Greetings friends! We have arrived at the winter issue of NOW NEWS, which unfortunately means winter has arrived. How rude of it! But, we Wisconsinites take it in stride – never complaining about the little things like freezing rain icing up the windshield, shoveling until our backs are locked at a painful 45 degree angle, or slipping and bruising our backsides on the ice. However, winter does bring us the holidays and some of us like to ski and do other snowy recreations – then there are those who can take a break from winter and attend the FUN show down in sunny Florida. Whatever we do as winter bears down upon us, we can be thankful for our hobby to keep us distracted from the cold, ice, and snow.

This issue of NOW NEWS should do just that. Another fine compliment of articles written by our NOW members. First time author George Alafouzos gets it started with his look at ‘Drafts from the Past’. Then Dreux Watermolen shows us where to find ‘Everywhere’. Mark Benvenuto keeps us grounded with the ‘Allure of Old Copper’, and finally I ask what you know about the ‘War of 1812’. Don’t forget our regular features you come to depend on; NOW News and Notes, Club News, ANA News, US Mint News, BOOKS! (We have an announcement of a new book about Shell Cards by Q. David Bowers, which coincidentally blends beautifully with our cover photo, and ironically our cover subject is not in the book!) Be sure not to miss the Show Calendar on the inside back cover for the latest on upcoming shows. It is also time to send in your membership dues and vote for your favorite NOW NEWS articles – your ballot and remittance envelope are enclosed in this issue.

Coin World Editor Steve Roach had nice things to say about Club publications such as NOW NEWS in his editorial of November 17th, which I think are worth mentioning. Roach writes:

“Surveys of membership organizations (both numismatic and otherwise) typically confirm one fact: that members view a publication as the primary tangible benefit of membership. Each week in Coin World’s offices, we get publications from organizations across the country, big and small. Some are excellent publications with a regional emphasis, others are specialty publications with in-depth research of the sort that is necessary for the growth of numismatics, but goes beyond what a mainstream publication like Coin World can publish. The quality of research in many of these publications has never been higher, and they provide a wonderful complement to more broad-ranging publications like Coin World.”

We will continue to strive to make NOW NEWS a primary tangible benefit to your membership in NOW, and hope you will spread the word about our organization. As our club grows, we spread the growth of the hobby. Please consider sharing your research, your specialty, and your enthusiasm for numismatics by writing an article for NOW NEWS.

Enjoy your winter issue and sincere wishes for a fantastic Holiday Season!

-- Jeff Reichenberger

As always, your comments and correspondence are welcome and encouraged.