Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Greetings fellow NOW members! Spring has sprung! Well, your spring issue of NOW NEWS has sprung anyway, and soon winter will melt away and it will actually be spring! It is a time of change. The weather outside changes, the snow blower is replaced by the lawn mower, coats are replaced by shirts, and one wonderful woman I know insists her husband remodels every room in the house! This is the way of spring, and so it is with your NOW NEWS. The changes are subtle, it is not a major remodel project. Just a few tweaks to keep it fresh. If you notice the changes, that’s great, I hope you approve. If you can’t notice any change, that’s just as good, it means you are so engrossed in the stimulating content of the magazine before you that noticing subtleties in design are of little consequence. That’s just one small sign of a quality publication.

More importantly, the health of a good club journal is in the quality of articles within its pages, put forth by the participation of its members. In this issue we have seven, that’s right, SEVEN - original articles, including member authors who are first time contributors, and one established researcher from outside our ranks. This makes for another diverse and interesting spring issue. Last issue I called-out to the membership to send in articles – and just like that we have new authors contributing! Consider that call-out an ongoing request, and thank you!

In this issue you will learn about the City of Milwaukee Seal from first time NOW NEWS author Darrell Luedtke. Our cover shows the Seal in stained glass. The Seal will also be featured on the wooden nickel of the NOW/SSCC show. Justin Perrault, another first time NOW NEWS author, tells us about the S.C. Johnson Company and their award medals. Repeat contributor Mark Benvenuto travels abroad with the first of a series of World Coin exploration, this time it’s Italy and the 5 Lire coin. Regular contributor Tom Casper researches Milwaukee’s early coin dealers. It is a special treat to publish a piece written by numismatic researcher David Finkelstein who dispels some myths about our first mint director David Rittenhouse. Jerry Binsfeld continues his series of price comparisons, and I submit a ‘numis-fiction’ for those who would lament the future demise of coins.

All of our regular features are here as well, NOW NEWS and NOTES (Lots of Spring Shows!!!), Club news, ANA news, U.S. Mint news, BEP news, BOOKS!, and more!

Finally, I want to share some comments from a letter to the editor from United States Airforce Veteran Chris Cimino of Mosinee. “I really enjoyed the Winter issue of NOW NEWS, very good as usual. Enclosed are my $10 Dues for 2016, Still a Bargain!!! Thank you for all the fun and interesting articles!”

Thank you Chris, for those nice comments! Chris goes on to write how he’d love to see an article about Civilian Conservation Corps tokens and scrip, as well as something on Tavern Tokens. Well, I know we have experts on those subjects among our membership – you know who you are – you know you can write an interesting article – so, get crackin’ my friends, its SPRING!

-- Jeff Reichenberger