Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Panic Scrip of 1893, 1907 and 1914Dare I say, “We are out of the cold”? Well it is above zero! So let’s agree that spring is finally closing in! We are in luck, because the spring coin show season is underway, and your spring issue of NOW News is in your hands! And what an issue! Our transition is nearly complete and we believe we have a product that will both uphold the past and embrace the future.

First of all, you have already noticed color on the cover, that’s right, color! The first color photos ever produced in 52 years on an issue of NOW News. (Be sure to read the interesting history of our cover subject just under the table of contents.) From now on, the cover will be in color! Next, this issue again has outstanding feature articles from your fellow NOW members, not to mention our regular departments: NOW News and Notes, Show Reports, Coin Clubs, ANA news, U.S. Mint and BEP News, Show Calendar, and BOOKS. We have wonderful new books described in this issue, and an announcement about another upcoming book written by a NOW member. Technology does not slip past us either, as we have the announcement of an exciting new collector website brought to you by NOW members, and our own website is being updated as well, soon to add feature articles from NOW News.

So… to learn more about Wauwatosa Municipal Badges, Counterfeit Half Dollars, Alexander Mitchell’s Mansion, The Dexter 1804 Dollar, The National Currency List, and MORE… Read on and spread the word!!

In the midst of St. Patrick’s Day, we NOW members can truly feel lucky to be part of such a diverse and interesting organization, and happy to finally feel the warmth of spring.

-- Jeff Reichenberger and Phyllis Calkins

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